When Hockey Fans Do Dumb Things

The game of hockey is just that, a game.  Hockey fans are known to be proud and passionate fans, more so than any other professional sports around the world (European soccer might be the exception here).  But Tuesday night one fan that took in the Boston Bruins and New Jersey Devils game tarnished the hockey fan’s reputation by pulling a stupid and classless move.

The Bruins and Devils were in a battle of teams who had not yet lost in regulation.  Overtime had solved nothing so the game was heading for a shootout.

Tyler Seguin was the Bruins first shooter and as he zoned in on the Devils’ Johan Hedberg, a fan threw a hot dog towards the goal.  It landed just shy of the crease and likely didn’t affect Hedberg’s concentration, given he probably didn’t see it.  Seguin scored, the refs reviewed it and overturned the goal.  Luckily for the Bruins, Seguin was granted another shot and came down and scored again, avoiding what surely would have been the topic of discussion on Boston Sports Radio today.

The Bruins went on to win the game and pick up a valuable second point in a shortened season where every point is crucial.

But back to the fan.  Why would someone have the brain fart to pull off such a boner of a move?  Andrew our editor at Causeway Crowd wonder’s the same thing and gives an excellent insight to the controversy.

Whether it was a Devils trying to distract Seguin, it failed and failed miserably.  Not only did Seguin still score on his first attempt, he went down and scored on the second one.

If the fan was a Bruins fan trying to help Seguin, well you’re a fool and don’t deserve to call yourself a hockey fan.  There is no room in the game for such foolish behavior.  We finally have the greatest game back on ice and you go and tarnish the sport’s reputation like this, shame on you.

What if Seguin had missed on the second attempt and the Devils ended up winning the game?  How proud would that fan feel either way, knowing that his stupid move helped his team win or cost his team a valuable point?

What if the Bruins lost the game and lost the division by one point?  They would not have home ice for the majority of the playoffs, something that certainly helps a physical Bruins team who rely on their boisterous and passionate fan base.

There are a lot of what ifs in this scenario and thankfully for the Bruins they still won the game.  But for one fan, his/her head should be sunken low today with his/her tail between his legs with shame written all over their face.

Let the players make the headlines and remain just what you are….a fan, if you can call yourself that.


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