P.K. Subban Gives In To Montreal Canadiens, Signs 2-Year Deal

P.K. Subban is the second of the big three restricted free agents to agree to a new contract.  The Montreal Canadiens announced Monday evening that they and Subban have agreed on a new 2-year deal worth $5.75MM according to the Canadian press.

The first year of the deal is said to be worth $2 million, pro-rated while year two he’ll earn $3.75 million.  The cap hit for each year for the Canadiens will be $2.875 million.

So Subban signs and now he states he just wants to play hockey.  Did the star defenseman give in to the Canadiens, knowing that he could have signed elsewhere and made more money?  It would appear that way given how much we heard that he wanted a long-term deal worth an annual amount of $4-$5 million.

The Habs on the other hand stuck to their guns on this one and refused to go longer than the two-year deal, eventually waiting out Subban and getting the length of term they wanted.

L.A. Lariviere via Twitter feels that Subban always wanted to play for the Habs and him taking a short-term deal reinforces that.  Of course a fine start by the Habs who are 3-1 after their first four games on the season would certainly appeal to Subban and likely threw a wrench into his plans of getting more money and more years from management had they started the season on a slide.  Alas, the club performed well without him and didn’t need to come crawling back to him.  Rather they could stand firm on their proposal, which they did and they essentially won this round of negotiations.

Rumors were flying around that the Canadiens would end up dealing Subban and over the weekend we heard numerous teams were said to be interested.  GM Marc Bergevin can forget all about those as the has his star d-man for the next two years.  After this contract expires, that’ll be an interesting time to see what Subban asks for then.

It’s expected that Subban will join the Habs in Ottawa on Wednesday but it has not yet been confirmed if he’ll play.  If he’s not ready to go against the Senators, the next action for the Canadiens is Saturday when they host the Buffalo Sabres.  Subban will be in the lineup for that one if he doesn’t play in Ottawa.


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