The Hockey Bag Presents: Home Opener, Phoenix Coyotes vs. San Jose Sharks

I’m fortunate to be able to get to games all over the NHL.  When pack my hockey bag and travel to an arena, I’ll give you a quick synopsis of the in-game experience.  This one will be exceptionally short because it’s my home rink in San Jose.  For future editions, tweet me so I know what you want to know about.  Are you curious about the best local cusine?  Do you want to know what the fan traditions are?  Tweet me @bluelineboomer and I can fill you in.

Last night the San Jose Sharks had their home opener at the Tank.  Being a season ticketholder I was excited but I didn’t know how the fans would show their distain for the lockout.  Would they throw tomatoes like at a vaudeville villain?  Would hockey fans unite like the now-defunct group…Hockey Fans Unite?  Would they protest or would they think like The Hockey News writers that it’d be a waste of time?

I decided to wear an HC Davos jersey from Joe Thornton‘s time in Switzerland as a silent protest, but my buddy T-Bone and I showed up to the game maybe 30 minutes early and we could tell the building was ready to go.  The place was packed and the steps were all decorated with the latest decals for the new season:

The team hit the ice to announce the lineup they’re rolling with this season alongside kids from local hockey teams and the roof nearly blew off the place.  This photo was taken while another photographer’s flash went off, but you get the idea:

Surprisingly, receiving the loudest cheers: oft-maligned Patrick Marleau and returning Shark Brad Stuart.

Maybe the best part of the night was the anthem.  Rather than go with a singer, the home crowed belted out the Star Spangled Banner:

The game was great, the place was hopping, and the team was rocking.  The full game report done by the staff over at Blades of Teal gives you the deal on the game: a 4-3 win by the Sharks, accomplished by scoring 3 unanswered in the 3rd period.  Sufficed to say, hockey is back in San Jose.



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Top 5 Great Things About HP Pavilion

1) Skating out of a Shark’s mouth is one of the most amazing team entrances in any sport

2) The Britannia Arms down the street has the best pub food in the region

3) People do that embarrassing Shark Chomp thing un-ironically

4) It’s easy to get in and out of the arena/parking lots

5) The fans are among the most underrated in the NHL


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