Could The Montreal Canadiens Trade P.K Subban?

Disgruntled Montreal Canadiens restricted free agent P.K. Subban has been the topic of discussion lately in the hockey world.  Will he sign or won’t he? Will the Canadiens continue to play hard ball with arguably their best player or will they pay him what many fans feel is fair?

Now a new element has come into the mix surrounding the Subban case.  Could the Montreal Canadiens trade the star defenceman?  It’s certainly a possibility when you think about it.

Yesterday we learnt that Subban’s agent had dismissed any and all rumors that his client wants a trade.  That doesn’t stop the rumors from floating around that the team might consider dealing him  so of course we take to Twitter to get the latest from the hockey experts.

Bob McKenzie of TSN feels that the contract dispute will end up in a trade.  While Spectors Hockey criticizes the thought of trading him and pegged newly crowned Habs GM, Marc Bergevin as continuing the trend of dumb trades from the organization should it happen.

Yet reports from Dave Stubbs of the Montreal Gazette have Subban’s agent, Don Meehan expecting to meet with Bergevin this week.  While it sounds like Meehan has every intent of trying to get a new deal done with the Canadiens, he will do what’s right for his client and ensure he gets fair value.

The two sides are said to be far apart when it comes to both length and dollar amount of the deal. captured some quotes from Subban who chimed in on the situation.

Subban was quick to point out that he is a confident player and knows what he can do on the ice along with how he can help the team win.  With that, he has a dollar amount that he feels he’s worth and wants to be compensated fairly for it.  He did mention that he’s not trying to “rob the bank” or threaten to walk away.  Alas, he’s leaving it up to his agent, Meehan, to sort through with the hopes he can return to the Canadiens.

Yesterday we had a reader comment on the situation stating that Subban should run far away from the Canadiens if they don’t want to pay him what he’s worth.  Will he go or will he stay?  One thing is for certain, there would be a plethora of teams lighting up Bergevin’s office line if Subban was available for trade given the shortage of defenceman on many clubs. Something that would warrant a high return for the Habs should they be inclined to move their star player.

What’s your take?  Will the Canadiens trade Subban or sign him?  We welcome your comments.

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