P.K. Subban Contract Dispute Update

The Montreal Canadiens have only lost one game this year but it’s clear they’re lacking the energy and offensive prowess that defenceman P.K. Subban provides.  Locked in the middle of a nasty contract dispute, the restricted free agent has yet to make his Canadiens debut and with a short season, any lost playing time for the Canadiens is too much.

For Canadiens fans, the lack of updates isn’t a promising sign either.  Little has been reported of late on the progress of a new deal with Subban and the Habs.  Eklund at HockeyBuzz.com is hearing that the two sides are exploring a six year deal worth around $4 million per season although nothing from the main stream media at this point.

Our friends over at Eyes on the Prize did a great piece on coming to the defense of Subban.  They feel Subban should get more than a two-year deal, something the Habs organization has been sticking too while Subban wants a long-term deal.  They point to Subban’s established presence on the ice and his ranking of being the team’s number one defenceman as legitimate reasons.

They also feel Subban should be paid as such which means giving him more than the $3 million per season that management is again sticking to.

Mathieu, a writer for Fansided’s, A Winning Habit does a nice job comparing Subban to that of Michael Del Zotto of the New York Ragners.  Del Zotto just signed a two-year deal worth $5.1 million with the Rangers and while making the argument that Subban is worth more, he may be hard pressed to get it.

The numbers that Eklund is throwing around according to his sources are accurate to what other Habs fans and writers agree with.  As of right now, there doesn’t appear to be much to report from either side and with the Canadiens set to play game 2 of 48 tonight against the Florida Panthers, another loss would put pressure of the Habs brass to get a deal done and get one of their best players back on the ice.  The problem is, neither side is saying much, leaving us all to speculate whats happening behind closed doors.

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