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Hockey Is Coming: NHL Owners And Players Set To Ratify New CBA


The NHL Board of Governors are set to meet today and vote on the new collective bargaining agreement that was tentatively agreed upon by the NHL and NHLPA. A majority vote is required for the CBA to pass and it’s expected to pass without a problem. If/when it does pass the NHL will be one step closer to getting its regular season started and it’s product back on the ice, where it belongs.

The NHLPA is still typing up their “memorandum of understanding” and they are planning to have more than 700 players vote on the new CBA once the memorandum is finished and the agreement can be easily explained to every player. Like the BOG the players must also vote in favor of the new CBA in order for the deal to be ratified and made official. That is also not expected to be a problem.

Many players have started to return from Europe to their respective rinks, cities and towns. In fact, many teams and players have already started to hold informal practices and scrimmages as training camps can’t open just yet and the season can’t officially start until the new CBA is ratified.

With the CBA expected to be agreed upon and the ratification process complete by Saturday, the NHL and NHLPA hope to open training camps on Sunday and begin the season the following Saturday, January 19th.

As reported earlier in the week the NHL is expected to play a 48-game schedule with all games being within conference games. Kind of a bummer but should make the playoff race that much more interesting.

It’s kind of funny actually, the lockout lasted over 100+ days. Now, with NHL hockey only 10 days away, this next week is going to feel like an eternity.

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