Nike's "Hockey Is Ours" Ad Campaign. Photo Courtesy of Nike Hockey.

Nike's "Hockey Is Ours" Ad Campaign Takes Shots At The Current NHL Lockout


As reported last month (and last year now), NHL fans around the globe and specifically Canada, have had enough of the NHL and its pattern of having a lockout every 5-6 years.

The number of people upset with the NHL was especially staggering for the nation of Canada, which is a country allegedly full of NHL fans. Apparently they’ve had enough and have plenty of hockey of their own, so they don’t need the NHL. A poll taken in various regions of Canada showed roughly 58% of Canadians could care less about the NHL and its current lockout.

Someone must’ve passed the poll on to someone over at Nike/ Bauer Hockey as they’ve since launched an all out advertising assault in Canada known as the “Hockey is ours” ad campaign.

Recently the ads (which were always kind of taking shots at the NHL lockout) finally took the gloves off, they brought in star hockey players Steven Stamkos, PK Subban and Alexander Ovechkin, then they tossed in some female players and some average joes to show that while the NHL owners can take away the NHL, they can’t and never will take away the game of hockey.

Not only are the ads genius, I thoroughly enjoy them. Its about time someone other than the fans and players started giving the NHL a hard time for the way they go about their business. I just wish that Nike would realize that while not as hockey crazy as Canada, the USA does support the majority of NHL teams and has plenty of frustrated fans that would love and relate to the ads.

To see the video in all its glory simply click HERE.

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