REgistration ends Jan 9th; event runs Jan 18th-20th.

Too Many Men On The Site: Hits and Checks

As you read this we are just hours away from the New Year; or maybe it’s been posted awhile and we are already well into 2013 and in that case I ask you: What took you so long to check back in?

Hopefully 2013 sees the return of the NHL; before fall.

Not having the NHL has left a void for many; while others have filled it with new hobbies.

Some have turned to their hockey loving roots and returned to the pond.

On Jan 18th the will kick off for the weekend in Michigan. Reisgration closes Jan 9th so sign up your team, be it Women’s, CoEd, 50+ etc. All participants must be 18+

What Strange Days We Live In when rivalry hate is set aside and appreciation grows for the individual players as they do what they can to keep connected with their fans during the lockout.

Fans and bloggers have taken to ranting about what they feel and think of the current lockout situation and how they feel betrayed by the league in which they spend so much of their hard earned money on (which is oddly the same money that these owners and players are fighting over); needless to say to most that Gary Bettman has to go.

Many players have started doing games to raise awareness and money for different causes and charities; including Sidney Crosby who returned home for a little home-ice advantage.

Speaking of raising awareness and money; have you head of the American Special Hockey Association (ASHA)? They bring hockey to those with developmental disabilities for all ages and skill level. It’s not just about playing a sport for those involved with ASHA it changes lives of the players, coaches, volunteers, and the families of those involved. One hockey blogger, you are semi familiar with, is going to run the Detroit Marathon (well half marathon 13.1 miles) to raise awareness and money for ASHA.

Without an NHL season does the Stanley Cup get another “Season Not Played” engraving or will someone else get the chance to play for the greatest trophy in sports? As it turns out the Cup may still be in play…

What would you prefer on the cup?

A non NHL team or another Season Not Played engraving could all be see as damaging to the Cup and to hockey itself but more pressing could be the NHL Lockout Damage caused in all 30 home cities.

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