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New Poll Shows Most Canadians Don't Care If The NHL Comes Back

According to the Montreal Gazette, a new poll shows that the majority of Canadian citizens don’t care if the NHL lockout ends and the NHL returns to action.

NRG Research Group and Peak Communications surveyed about 800 Canadians from six of Canada’s regions during December 11th through the 16th. A small group over a 5 day period is all we are talking about here.

The Gazette reported that the people polled were asked, “Do you think the NHL lockout will be settled in the next couple of weeks?; in the new year in time for a shortened season to be played?; not until it’s too late for games to be played this season?; or don’t you care?

The survey results were as followed: 58% indicated they didn’t care if the NHL returned, 25% believed it was too late for a deal to get done and have some sort of an abbreviated season, 8% felt that a deal could get done in the new year and a shortened season played, 5% said a deal could get done before the new year followed by an abbreviated season and the remaining 4% didn’t have an opinion or just didn’t want to answer the question.

The Gazette interviewed NRG Research Group and Peak Communications CEO and founder, Brian Owen, on Tuesday and this is what he had to say:

“I was a little bit surprised how many people said I don’t really care what they do. Fifty-eight per cent is a pretty good number. My conclusion is that the fan base is a narrower segment of the (Canadian) population than I had initially thought and that maybe the assumption that Canada is hockey-mad applies to maybe 25 per cent of the population as opposed to 100 per cent of the population. When 58 per cent of the population say they don’t care, there is a high level of indifference and the people responsible for the game have to be aware that (number could) potentially could grow if they don’t get this thing solved.”

So, maybe Canadians aren’t as hockey crazed as we all thought or maybe people are just genuinely sick and tired of NHL lockouts. I mean this is their 3rd lockout in 19 years. Canada has plenty of other hockey going on everyday and all over the country.

Either way these are startling numbers if you ask me, even if it was only about 800 people surveyed. It can’t be good for the NHL at all when 58% of Canadians don’t care if the NHL comes back or not. Makes me wonder how much the rest of the world cares when even Canada no longer cares, and to a further extent I wonder how much the NHL actually cares.

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