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NHL Owners And Players Meet Without Fehr And Bettman; Both Sides Seem "Encouraged" By Meeting

NHL owners and players met today and into the night without the presence of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA head Donald Fehr.

The two sides have not met since their mediation sessions last week and that led Bettman to suggest that the two sides meet with himself and Fehr not in the room. After a few days both sides relented and now according to multiple news outlets the meeting between the owners and players went well.

According to TSN’s Aaron Ward via Twitter, “All indications are that they are going to meet again. If not tonight, then tomorrow. Positive feedback so far.” Ward went on to tweet, “Hearing both sides discussed further means of ‘giving’. Both are encouraged by the discussions so far”

Shortly after TSN’s Darren Dreger confirmed the two sides plan on meeting again via Twitter. “Told the owners and players intend on continuing meetings tonight,” Dreger tweeted.

It was reported the owners then went out to dinner and are believed to have been joined by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and NHL exectuive Bill Daly. They have since returned to their hotel and many in the media are presuming its for another round of meetings with the players.

Its important to note the NHL Board of Governors are expected to meet tomorrow and with substantial talks taking place between the owners and players tonight with both sides appearing to be willing to compromise a bit more as well appearing encouraged by tonights talks, the NHL might just be one step closer to ending the lockout.

Stay tuned as much could happen in the next couple of days or even quite possibly within hours and I should caution nothing may happen at all as they’ve gotten out hopes up before. For the first time in a long time however, I may just be taking the bait and allowing myself to be cautiously optimistic about the current useless and ridiculous NHL lockout coming to an end sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: NHL commissioner Gary Bettman will be holding a press conference tentatively scheduled for Wednesday afternoon at 1PM EST barring the completion of the NHL Board of Governors meeting. Could be something, could be nothing.

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