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5 Perfect Gifts For The Locked Out NHL Fan


With the Holiday season in full effect, many are buying gifts for loved ones and friends. Some of those loved ones and friends are hockey fans and right now most of them can’t watch their favorite NHL teams on a daily basis because of this pesky and completely unnecessary NHL lockout.

What’s worse is some of them are outright boycotting the NHL and refuse to “waste” money on NHL merchandise. Others have even gone as far as to demand that their friends, fellow fans and loved ones not buy any NHL merchandise as well. What if you yourself want some nice hockey related gifts but are boycotting the NHL? What then, huh?

What are we supposed to get these people for gifts and presents? What can you ask for for yourself that’s hockey related but still allows you to claim you’re boycotting the NHL? Thankfully and mercifully I’ve already done the work for you.

Disclaimer: some of these gifts may directly or indirectly be affiliated with the NHL so don’t kill me. I did my best and, well, no one’s perfect. Yes, I also know you could just buy hockey equipment but not every hockey fan plays hockey and I got a sweet gift at #2  for those that do so just take it easy and check out the list.

Top 5 perfect gifts for the locked out NHL fan:

5) Gift #5 comes to us courtesy of and it’s perfect for the hockey fan that loves to grill. It’s a BBQ/Grilling tool set made out of hockey sticks! I mean, how cool is that? And who else do you know has one of these bad boys? According the site, “The 3 piece grilling tool sets are made by recycling 2 or 3 hand selected broken hockey sticks. Each set is unique and the sticks are chosen to make matching sets. The tools themselves are heavy duty, and professional quality, sourced from a local restaurant supply house. Hockey skate laces are used for hanging loops for that added final touch.” To order yours before they run out, simply head HERE.

4) Our next gift comes from and it will most definitely keep any hockey fan warm during cold winters and long seasons. They’re adult footed pajamas and who didn’t have a set of footed PJ’s as a kid? Well maybe that was just me, but if you weren’t lucky enough to be as cool a kid as I was then you’ll definitely want to get yourself a pair of footsie pajamas as an adult! Never too late to make up for lost time! They’re made out of 100% fleece and have special sticky bottoms so you … err “the person you are buying them for” … won’t slip on floors. I kind of want a pair for myself now (wink, wink – nudge, nudge). If you want to see them and possibly order a set then click HERE.

3) For gift #3 simply head to any bookstore or online site where books can be purchased. There are plenty of great books out there about hockey. From biographies by players and coaches to books written by hockey fans and analysts from around the world! Some of my favorites include Derek Sanderson’s “Crossing the Line”, Ken Dryden’s “The Game”, Jonathan Gatehouse’s “The Instigator: How Gary Bettman Remade the NHL and Changed the Game Forever” and finally Bob Probert’s “Tough Guy: My Life on the Edge”. Either way you can’t go wrong with a good book to get your hockey fix during the lockout or help a friend get through these tough and trying times!

2) How about getting someone their own backyard ice rink? Or maybe have someone build one for you? This one costs some money (if you’re too lazy to do it yourself) or some good, old fashioned manual labor but what hockey fanatic wouldn’t want their own personal rink? I know I always wanted one as a child and as an adult I don’t have the yard for it (aw, shucks). Enough about me however, if you are interested in building your own rink or a rink for someone else check out this blog on Good luck and don’t hurt yourself or anyone else! Unless it happens on the ice of course.

1) This gift is a must own for the angry locked out NHL fan and I’m lucky enough that my amazing girlfriend bought me one the other day. Courtesy of we have the “WTF” NHL Lockout t-shirt and it’s hilarious while being awesome and angry at the same time! That’s hard to pull off unless you’re a female (kidding ladies, but I do have four sisters, so I reserve the right to make that joke). As usual I’m digressing, to check out the shirt click HERE.

So there you have it, my top 5 perfect gifts for the locked out NHL fan. I hope I was helpful because I know I was entertaining, and well, if you don’t like my list … good luck to you and Happy Holidays!

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