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NHL And NHLPA To Meet Again On Wednesday; Hopefully Something, Anything Gets Done This Time

When last we left the NHL lockout and the ongoing collective bargaining agreement “talks” that took place over the weekend, the NHL had suggested a two week break and the NHLPA had no interest in the offer and pleaded for a meeting to take place on Monday. After the NHLPA’s pleading the NHL agreed to the Monday meeting.

All good news right? The NHL wanted to take a break, the NHLPA didn’t so they met last night (Monday). However early news out of the talks was that the NHL was disappointed the NHLPA didn’t have a new full proposal for them.

But, NHLPA head Donald Fehr apparently told the Associated Press the NHL knew going into the meeting that there wouldn’t be a new proposal, “We talked about various things. No new proposals were made, they were not expected to be made. We had hoped to engage them in a discussion about the player-contracting issues that are so important to the players. At least (Monday) they were unwilling to do that.”

And now according to NHL executive Bill Daly in an email sent to the Associated Press the two sides plan on meeting on Wednesday, “It looks like tomorrow (Wednesday). No other details at this point.”

After the meeting and after both sides had vaguely discussed it, it appeared as though there wasn’t much animosity or frustration on the part of either side. It appeared to be business as usual and by that I mean that no progress was made.

It also wasn’t immediately made clear as to whether or not the NHLPA would be bringing a new and full proposal to the meeting with the NHL on Wednesday. So as usual, all we can do is sit by the wayside and wonder what, if anything, will happen next in the ongoing saga that is the NHL lockout.

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