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CBA Talks Between NHL And NHLPA Hit A Standstill... Again

Last week we were all “cautiously optimistic” that a new collective bargaining agreement between the NHL and NHLPA was imminent. Now, this week we find out they aren’t even talking.

The two sides met for roughly 4 days of meetings last week and everything coming out of the discussions was positive. Then on Friday things took a turn for the negative and talks broke off. The two sides met again on Sunday but that meeting didn’t last long at all.

According to CBSNews.com, the two sides aren’t even talking on the phone anymore, “Now the NHL and the locked-out players’ association aren’t even talking by phone,” it reads on CBSNews.com. “With the lockout about to enter its third month, communications between the fighting sides have come to a halt with no clear sign of what the next step will be or when it will be taken.”

Sounds like a middle school love story gone wrong doesn’t it? I love you! Never mind I’m mad at you! Let’s break up! I hate you! Now you are getting the silent treatment until you apologize!

So, the two sides aren’t talking and NHL executive Bill Daly felt the need to send an email to the Associated Press on Wednesday to explain the grim situation, “No, we have not communicated today. No meetings scheduled, and no plans to meet.”

The NHLPA maintains they are ready and willing to meet whenever the NHL is ready. The NHLPA also maintains that the NHL doesn’t want to meet. Also, I should note that at this point and time there are no plans for the NHL to cancel anymore games (other than the 327 games it has already cancelled this season, including this years winter classic).

So once again talks between the NHL and NHLPA are at a dead stop, no meetings or talks are scheduled and once again, hope for a 2012-13 NHL season is quickly disappearing.


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