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NHL And NHLPA Talking For The Fourth Straight Day

The NHL and NHLPA met for the fourth straight today in New York City in an attempt to come to an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement that would end the current lockout. The words coming out of the meetings led many to feel a sense of “cautious optimism”.

But according to nytimes.com, NHLPA head Donald Fehr sent out an internal memo saying that while the talks have been positive, a wide gap still remains between the two sides when it comes to hammering out that new CBA.

“While a step forward, a significant gap remains,” Fehr said in the internal memo. He went on to say, “In short, the concessions on future salary we have offered (at least $948 million to $1.25 billion over five years, depending on the hockey related revenue growth) are not enough, we are still being told that more salaries must be conceded, and that very valuable player contracting rights must be surrendered. So, while we are meeting again, and while some steps are being taken, there is still a lot of work to be done and bridges to be crossed before an agreement can be made.”

So, as we can see and as Fehr said for himself, that although the talks between the NHL and NHLPA have been positive and a good step forward, that a large gap still remains and there is still a lot of work to be done (I know I am being a broken record, just making sure everyone is on the same page).

On a positive note because we could all use one. The two sides are still talking, which is always a good thing. Progress is also being made, however small that progress may appear to be. I’m not sticking up for either side because I feel this lockout should’ve never happened. But at least they are finally talking again and attempting/appearing to care.

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