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NHL Lockout Continues Leading The NHL To Cancel The Entire Preseason


NHL lockout 2012 continued today and the good news just kept coming. I finally streamed a KHL game on my laptop, which is an experience and you should try it and then maybe someday soon a TV station in North America will air them to show the owners you can kill a league but you can’t kill a game. I also found out that on the 12th day of this unnecessary lockout which is today, the NHL officially cancelled it’s remaining preseason games. Because, I mean they’ve already played so many (sarcasm).

It wasn’t all bad news today though, as NHL executive Bill Daly confirmed, the NHL and NHLPA will not only be meeting on Friday in NYC but they have also scheduled meetings throughout the weekend. The two sides haven’t met since September 16th when the collective bargaining agreement expired leading to the NHL locking out the players. I wouldn’t get too excited however, the meetings are reportedly about “non-core economic issues”. What does that mean? It means they’re basically just wasting more time and money. All kidding aside, they’re just going to discuss player safety and player pension plans. So, while they’ll be in the same room for the first time in a long time, they won’t be talking about the big issues like player contracts and how they can all share hockey related revenue. For now, NHL lockout 2012 continues.


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