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Bryzgalov Is Human With Emotion, Afterall


Ilya Bryzgalov has been known to make some off the wall statements. Whether it be about a “humongous” big universe or his huskie. As much as we may have laughed, there’s a lot more underneath the humor. He showed he wears his heart on his sleeve and how hard it is to be a Philadelphia Flyer.
Bryzgalov said “what I lived through this season I wouldn’t wish to an enemy.” Yes, Philadelphia is a very tough city to play in. The fans are loyal and passionate. But they are brutal. When an athlete makes a mistake, they make sure they let you know. You never take the time to think about how much this gets to them until you read an article that changes you.
I understand athletes are paid millions and should be able to ignore fan comments, but has anyone taken a minute to think maybe after eighty-two games of boo’s and being critical gets to a person? No matter how well Bryzgalov performed, someone always had something negative to say. It may have been a fan or the infamous Philadelphia media.
Millions of dollars does not make a person untouchable. It does not mean we as fans should use Twitter to point out every mistake. He is a human being off the ice. He has emotions just like you and I. What gives us the right to feel like he’s not a person? Absolutely nothing. We all get frustrated with our favorite team. We yell at our TV’s and we may even throw things. But it needs to end there.
Take how you feel after a loss, now imagine how they feel. I guarantee you the way you feel is nothing compared to the way they feel. Don’t make it worse. “But who didn’t make mistakes in this world” said Bryz. No one. All of us do it and none of us are perfect.
Maybe he was tired. Maybe he was worn out emotionally. Who really knows. We aren’t him. We only know what he says. All I see is a man who above everything else, is truly sorry he let his fans down. Even after all the comments he received, he cares about them.

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