Brendan Shanahan Blew It

I can’t even imagine how hard Brendan Shanahan’s job is as the NHL disciplinarian. But how Claude Giroux of the Philadelphia Flyers deserved a 1 game suspension for his hit on Dainius Zubrus is beyond me.

In my opinion, Giroux’s shoulder brushed up off Zubrus’ chest and then made contact with his head. I wouldn’t really call it a cheap shot, he has no previous suspensions and Zubrus was not hurt on the play.

Shea Weber only got a fine for his turnbuckle smash of Henrik Zetterberg’s head into the glass, and when Evgeni Malkin was running around like a wild man with his elbows up in Round 1, he received no suspensions.

So here are the Flyers, facing elimination, and now without arguably the best player in the world. No one player makes a team, but the uphill battle for the Flyers just got alot steeper.

There would have been no outrage if Claude Giroux was merely fined, which I think would have been more than appropriate for this offense and while I give Shanahan credit for having the guts to do what he thinks is the right course of action, I really don’t think he made the right decision this time.

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