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Hockey, Beetlejuice, Catfish, And More On This Week's Rink Side Rants 5/04


Last night, Blog Talk Radio hosted the latest Rink Side Rant and in true fashion, Tim, KP, and Cait failed to follow any schedule they set up.  What was covered tonight? Well I suggest you tune in to hear all of this:

  • KP posed the question about fans chucking stuff on the in support of their teams.  Rats, Octopi, Catfish, Oh My!  What else has been chucked out on ice?
  • The history of the hat trick was contemplated briefly.  After the show I did some research and it looks like it was borrowed from the game of cricket where players were bought a new hat after they took three wickets with consecutive balls.  If you follow that, awesome.  The NHL seems to have simplified it, with fans giving the player a hat right there.
  •  Want to know our opinions on how to change questionable and illegal hits?  What we’d do to protect our kids/hypothetical kids if they wanted to play hockey?  That covered in the show too!
  • The gang gets slightly sidetracked with Tim’s surprise for KP to show her he has some love for the Carolina Hurricanes!
  • Cait shares her opinions on the Nashville Predators struggles against the Phoenix Coyotes and why Shane Doan should not be a hero.
  • Throughout the whole episode, everyone distracts each other, Twitter chimes in with it’s opinions and some how Beetlejuice is explained to Cait.

Sound like a good time to you?  Then you really need to click here.

The gang would like to thank the work of Michael Grant of Crescent Shield for creating the intro to the Rink Side Rants show and Ralph Haas for putting together the closing.  Without these guys, we’d be stuck.  And even though Rink Side Rants is looking for listeners to create their own intros and closings, we are thankful for the audio these two guys made.  If you want to hear your work on an episode or 12 of RSR, please email [email protected] with 00:30 to 01:20 minutes of original work!

Tune in next week to hear what happens next on Rink Side Rants.

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