Feb. 14, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Red Wings players celebrate their win and salute the crowd after defeating the Dallas Stars for their 21 consecutive home win an NHL record at Joe Louis Arena. Detroit won 3-1. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Record Shattered By The Detroit Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings are ignited in flames. THEY ARE ON FIRE! Definitely a top team this year. The effort they showed in Tuesday’s game was phenomenal. They hit the ice ready to play. They knew they needed this win. They were ready to go in guns-a-blazin’! They took shots like crazy. The goal that got them going was Henrik Zetterberg’s give-and-go to put them up 1-0. After that, the Wings knew they had it “in the bag” as I like to call it.

A top player of the night was most definitely Joey McDonald! The back-up goaltender filling in for Jimmy Howard definitely showed he belonged in Detroit. With the last performances he has given Detroit, I wouldn’t be shocked if they sent Ty Conklin down to Grand Rapids and kept MacDonald as the back-up. I wouldn’t blame them, either. The team needs a solid back-up goaltender, and that’s how Joey MacDonald plays, and that is a great quality. He gets my first star nomination, since he came a hair away from the shutout.
My next star player is Nicklas Lidstrom. There isn’t a solid reason from this game, but he knows how to lead his team to a record-breaking season. He can take the team and lead them to a cup this year. He may be aged, but age is just what is needed to run a team. Experience. This is why we have him for our captain. I couldn’t think of one player who could be a better captain on this team than Lidstrom. He takes away the 2nd star in my book.
My last star is also a defenseman. Can anyone guess? You guessed right, it’s alternate captain Niklas Kronwall. Why did I choose him, you ask? His hits. His shots. His team presence. He can score, he can check, and he is a passer. I mainly love him because of his massive checks. You would think he needs hip surgery, but he probably doesn’t. I showed a girl in my French class today, who had never seen someone getting “Kronwalled” the video of him nailing Ales Hemsky from the Edmonton Oilers. She says, “It’s like he just hit a brick wall and stopped dead!” It was a great hit, and it was a great video to share with friends. I just love watching him Kronwall someone, no matter who it is. He could accidentally Kronwall one of our own players and i would still love it.
The Next Game: The next game facing the Red Wings is another home game, vs. the Nashville Predators. I think they can win and make it 22 consecutive home wins. Why not stretch the record that much farther out of reach for competitors? The key to winning Friday night is to start the game like they did on Tuesday night. That is how they are going to win the game. If they get an early goal, I would put money on it that they will win.
Tune in Friday to watch the Red Wings battle Shea Weber and the Nashville Predators. It should be a great game, with a lot of hits and maybe a wild Kronwall sighting? I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but only time will tell. I hope you enjoyed the 21 game run and hope you enjoy the next win. If  you ever want to tell me your opinion about the Red Wings, go ahead and hit me up on Twitter at @NardoneDylan, I don’t bite, I promise!

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