The 3 Stars Of Sunday Night

Sunday night seen a total of a whole 3 NHL games. These match-ups were Washington vs. Pittsburgh, Bruins vs. Philadelphia, and Colorado vs. Anaheim. Each and every game was a nail biter for fans everywhere. Scott Hartnell, above, is a possible for my 3 stars, but let’s get to the recaps.

Washington went for a visit to Pittsburgh and took on a flaming hot team. Captain-less, the Penguins have been doing pretty good, considering the fact that they have one guy who has stepped up, and most definitely put the team on his back. The Penguins owned the first period, scoring two goals to Washington’s none. The second period went to Washington, scoring two goals to Pittsburgh’s none. One goal from each team in the third led them to OT. Now, let’s think for a minute. Who is the one player who would step up and win the game for Pittsburgh. Well it sure isn’t Sidney Crosby, cause he’s not there. But none other than team leader Evgeni Malkin. That’s right, the big #71. Ever since Crosby has been out, he has taken this team as if he were the captain, which is alright because this team needs a ring leader. He netted the game winner in overtime and sent the Caps packing. The Penguins won 4-3.

Let’s travel across Pennsylvania and see how Philadelphia did, eh? The big match up between Philadelphia and Boston was a game to see. After being down 3-1 at the 1st intermission, the home team Flyers went into the locker room and did who knows what. But something happened. I think the team management hired scientists to make a robotic suit for Scott Hartnell to wear for the second period. When he hit the ice in the second, he never stopped. Goal after goal after goal he scored. He scored every goal in the third. He netted a hat trick in the second alone, with two power play goals. At the end of regulation, the two were tied at 5 a piece. David Krejci scored after a failed attempt by Flyer Matt Read, who started the shootout. Then it was Claude Giroux, who buried it. Next was young star, and I do mean star, Tyler Seguin. Of course, he made this one look easy. The one man who could save Philly now was former Los Angeles King Wayne Simmonds. With a crazy skate down  the ice, he was stopped and the reigning Stanley Cup champions walked, or more or less skated, away with the 2 points.

Time to go cross country, to Anaheim. The Ducks who were 7-0-1 in their last 8 games, brought in the Avalanche. The team with the newer coach, Anaheim, started struggling when the coaching change occurred. With former Washington coach Bruce Boudreau behind the bench, the team was definitely going to have to overcome some obstacles. Bobby Ryan started the scoring in the first period with a breakaway goal on Jean-Sebastien Giguere. Bobby Ryan scored again in the third period, on a half ice pass from Ryan Getzlaf, led him to a 1-on-0 chance. No one but the goalie to beat. And he does beat him. He eventually gets one more try, another breakaway, but couldn’t put it away. The Ducks held off two goals from Colorado in the late moments of the third to lead their team to a 3-2 win. They are now 8-0-1 in their last 9 games, which is one of their greatest accomplishments since this year began.


*Scott Hartnell- He took his performance to the nth degree and showed us what it really means to be a Flyer. He stepped up with a hat trick, but lost the game to the Bruins in a shootout, he deserves the number 1 spot.

**Evgeni Malkin- Took the captain-less team, put them all on his back, and won the game in OT. He’s been doing this all season, and it’s only a matter of time until they throw a “C” on his sweater until Crosby comes back.

***Bobby Ryan- With the first and last goal for the Ducks, both awesome breakaway goals, he led his team to a 3-2 victory over Colorado. He deserves a star or two, maybe even three?

Each of these teams get a night off, but they’re back to action Tuesday, which is their last games before the All-Star break.

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