The Detroit Red Wings: First Team To 30 Wins

A while back, I wrote an article for another website about the Minnesota Wild, who were on fire, being the first team to reach 20 wins on the season. At the end of that article, I posted a question, Who would be the first team to get 30 wins this season? Well, there were no comments, but friends told me teams like Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings, Vancouver Canucks, Chicago Blackhawks, and a few more. I never knew my Detroit Red Wings would be the first ones to get their 30th win.

But, where is Minnesota? Where did they go? Do you still think they are a good team? What if I told you their record? Their record, since their 20th win vs Phoenix Coyotes on December 10th, 2011 is 22-17-7. After their 20th win, they lost 8 in a row, 5 road games and 3 home games. They then beat the Edmonton Oilers, and then lost 3 more, including Phoenix at home. Their next win was at home vs San Jose, and that went in to overtime. So what happened to Minnesota that they have only won 2 games since December 10th? They have 1 win out of every 8 games played since  that December 10th win over Phoenix Coyotes. No one is sure.

As I wrote in my other article, they were showing they wanted the cup and they even looked like it. But, that was a month ago. Today, the top contendors for the playoffs are as follows:

Eastern Conference Western Conference
New York Rangers Detroit Red Wings
Boston Bruins Vancouver Canucks
Florida Panthers San Jose Sharks
Philadelphia Flyers St. Louis Blues
Ottawa Senators Chicago Blackhawks
New Jersey Devils Nashville Predators
Pittsburgh Penguins Los Angeles Kings
Washington Capitals Minnesota Wild


My articles for the other website are here, in case you want to read them, you can see them at either or The Arm Chair Report is the main site, but you can view either. Now for an early question, Who get’s the cup? Today, I would say it’s between 4 teams, Detroit, New York, Chicago, and Ottawa.



Ottawa! They are doing really good, and I think the All-Star Game is giving them a self-esteem booster, because they are doing great, they had a 4-game winning streak there for a moment. The season for Ottawa is going great, and they have skill in the net and the front. But, my Finals matchup is Detroit and New York, now that would be a 7-game series I’d love to see!

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