The NHL: Concussions And Captains

This year has been bad for NHL players, many suffering injuries. But is there a curse for the captains of each team? There isn’t anything that points another way. One of the more severe injuries is the concussion. There are three captains that were affected by this injury every player is scared of encountering, Sidney Crosby, Chris Pronger, and Shea Weber.

Shea Weber had a less serious case of a concussion when he only missed a handful of games. The bigger cases are with Crosby and Pronger. Sidney Crosby had two incidences causing his absence on the ice. The Winter Classic of 2011 was the home of the first hit that knocked Crosby’s brain around. He took a hit into the boards from Dave Steckel on the Washington Capitals. The second was four days later when he got hit by Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Victor Hedman. On that day, January 5th, he would miss 41 games and the post-season.

Since he was named captain of the Philadelphia Flyers on September 16th, 2011, Chris Pronger has suffered many injuries, including knee surgery, a scary eye injury, and post concussion symptoms. He is now sidelined for the rest of this season and the post-season. Pronger, on an episode of HBO’s 24/7 Flyers/Rangers, a 2012 Winter Classic “behind the scene” look at the game between the two rivals, explained how he is torn by the fact that he cannot play this season. The doctors have said he could play, but they recommend he waits to make a full recovery.

Though Shea Weber is back on the ice, and Sidney Crosby is coming back soon, Chris Pronger is going to have to watch the games from home, cheering on his captain-less team, led by Alternate captain Claude Giroux. Now, does the theory about captains and concussions seem crazy? I didn’t think so. But why are they the ones getting the concussions?

Is it because they are the most targeted players on the team? I think that’s a big reason. Take Sidney Crosby for example. everyone wants him down. He’s a threat. He’s young in a legendary body, he can break records and win cups. Who wouldn’t want to eliminate that competition?

I hope there are no more problems with concussions for the rest of the season, at least, and I hope these men fully recover without any further problems.

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