A Day in the NHL: Tragedy Overseas in the KHL

-This morning, a jet in Russia carrying the Lokomotiv hockey team of the KHL crashed soon after takeoff. 43 people are reported dead, while the two survivors are said to have “grave injuries.” Of the 45 people, 8 were crew and 37 were passengers. The team’s roster includes former NHLers Pavol Demitra and Ruslan Salei and Head Coach Brad McCrimmon, but it has yet to be confirmed whether or not they were on the flight. The team was on it’s way to Minsk to play in it’s first game of the KHL’s season.

UPDATE: Lokomotiv confirmed that the entire main roster was on the plane including four players from their youth team. McCrimmon, Salei, Karlis Skrastins, Pavol Demitra, Josef Vasicek and Alexander Vasyunov were the more notable names on the roster. Assistant caoches for Lokomotiv include Alexander Karpotsev and Igor Korolev. It is rumoured but unconfirmed however, that Salei was not on the plane, but awaiting the team in Minsk.

UPDATE: Matt Keator, the agent to Pavol Demitra, confirmed that Demitra was amongst the fatalities this morning. Russia Today confirmed that Brad McCrimmon was also amongst the fatalities. It is being reported that Alexander Galimov is the lone player to survive but is in critical condition. The other survivor is a crew member.

UPDATE: It is now being reported that Russian officials have said Ruslan Salei was on the plane and did not survive. It is also being reported that Alexander Galimov will require surgery to survive but is unlikely to do so. Vasyunov is confirmed by Lou Lamiorello amongst the fatalities.

UPDATE: Danill Sobchenko and Yuri Urychev, WJHC gold medalists, are now confirmed amongst those who have passed. Stefan Liv and Karel Rachunek are also confirmed in addition to Josef Vasicek and Jan Marek. Viktor Tikhonov has suggested that each team in the KHL send at least a player to Lokomotiv so that they can continue the season. Photos of the tragedy are available here. Technical failures are deemed the reason for the plane crash.

UPDATE: It is now being reported that Alexander Galimov has passed away.

UPDATE: You can find the entire population of the plane listed here. There are also conflicting reports now as to whether or not Galimov has passed away. Reports are however, that on a list of the deceased Ruslan Salei’s name does not appear.

UPDATE: In the above update, here is the list of the deceased.

UPDATE (1:57 pm): There are now sources stating with certainty that Ruslan Salei is amongst the deceased. Also, while it has been confirmed that Galimov is still alive, he has suffered burns to 90% of his body, including his respiratory system. The KHL will also not be changing it’s schedule and proceeding ahead with the season as of right now.

-Sidney Crosby will address the media today in Pittsburgh with regards to his status and recovery from a concussion and concussion-like symptoms. This will be the first time that Crosby will formally speak with the media since last year.

-The Winnipeg Jets unveiled their new jerseys yesterday. The jersey’s feature a blue-on-blue concept, keeping them true to their military roots. You can see and read more about the Jets and their new look on their official website.

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