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Around The NHL In 30 Days: Buffalo Sabres

The writers here at the FanSided Sports Network are now on day three of our NHL season preview.  I’d like you to skate over to each of our sites daily and see what our talented hockey writers have to say about their teams’ upcoming season.  Remember, we’re all fans and we have high expectations for our team, and previews are what they are…..previews.   It will be interesting to see what the gang here has to say about their respective clubs.  Will the Washington Capitals finally challenge for the Cup, what will happen to the Boston Bruins as they try to defend their championship, and can the Vancouver Canucks survive the “heartbreak” of losing in the Finals.

Today lead writer for Sabre Noise Tim Redinger takes a look at a Buffalo Sabre team that is going through some changes of their own with new owner Terry Pegula now signing the check.  A market that has always struggled to attract the major free agents, they still maintain a competitvness in spite of that fact.  One reason is the man behind the bench.  Lindy Ruff who is the longest tenured coach in the NHL as he will be entering his 14th season with the Sabres, which in this day and age is quite the feat.  I have to hand it to the Sabres, that kind of stability and belief put the onus of performance totally on the players.

Tim starts out with:

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that we were writing a eulogy for the 2010-2011 Buffalo Sabres, and here we are writing the preview for the next year.  How much has changed?  Everything.  It started with a culture change, and now from the locker room out, the Buffalo Sabres enter next year as the first full season with a truly committed ownership group that is determined to not only bring a championship to the city of Buffalo, but to create a hockey nirvana in the Nickel City.

Tim who also happens to be my Rink Side Rant podcast partner is a long time Sabre fan and has some deep rooted opinions about the team.  Read the rest of his preview here.

Next up on Sunday will be the Calgary Flames as Jarome Iginla, and coach Brent Sutter look to get Calgary back into the playoffs.

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