Final Thoughts About The Final.



Listen to Mike Gillis and his post game interview. Sounds smug, arrogant and is spending his time making excuses for his team losing. Not once has anyone from Vancouver given the Bruins credit for winning, and acknowledging who had the better goaltender. The series was won because the Bruins were the better team when it counted.  Plain and simple.

Here’s a few observations after the dust has settled:

* Tim Thomas! Congratulations on a superb series.  You answered to the critics which included your opposing goaltender.

* Before the playoffs began who would have thought that Brad Marchand would become a household name.

* Bobby Lose…… Keep your mouth shut.  Try stopping pucks instead of giving advice.

* The only thing missing from the crying, and complaining by the Canucks organization is some cheese to go with the whinning.

* As you see in the above video, Mike Gillis doesn’t once give Boston credit.  No class.

* Mark Recchi congrats on ending your career the way most players only dream of.

* The Canucks are blaming injuries, scrums after the whistle, and poor officiating for reasons as to why they lost.  How about, your goalie gave up soft goals, your twin sisters were non existent, and your team wilted under pressure?

* The Canucks say that there won’t be sweeping changes for next year.  Of course, who wants your losers anyway?

* Boston won without Nathan Horton and Marc Savard.  Good teams find a way to win.

* Vancouver thought they won it all when the beat the Hawks.  Someone forgot to tell them it takes 16 wins for a Cup Championship.

* It was a physical series, and even though the Canucks had the edge in hits, the Bruins were more effective with theirs.

* Thank goodness Zdeno Chara woke up after the first two games.  He may have been hurt, but we may never know.

* Is it time to break up the Doublement twins?

* How much longer can Bobby Lose stay in Vancouver?  I bet someone is regrettng that 12 year contract.

* How much longer can Alain Vigneault stay in Vancouver?

* Imagine if Cory Schnieder actually is given the job as the number one goalie!

* Ok, raise your hand….how many of you thought the Canucks would win game 7?  Thought so.

* Is is October yet?

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