Media Puck-Up's: Dirks Emotional Exit

Everyone is making a big deal out of Dirk Nowitzki running to the locker room to cry. Ball Don’t Lie called it one of the greatest NBA Finals celebrations. Maybe it is good… for the NBA.

But for hockey, it’s pathetic. The entire Dallas celebration was pathetic. I get the whole macho thing about not crying in public. I’d prob. cover my face with a towel or something. But running away instead of going nuts? What’s wrong with you?!!? The entire end of the game was BORING. There were a ton of tweets that I agree with wholeheartedly.

Congrats to mark cuban and the mavs winning the NBA title! Love J kidd. But was that the worst championship celebration ever!


Once Dallas built up a nice lead and it was obvious they’d hold on, I made my wife stay up to watch the celebration. And then we get some handshakes and high fives.  The players kept saying it’s a dream come true. But they sure as hell didn’t act like it. You want to see a celebration better than Dirk’s, look at the end of every single Stanley Cup Final. Players go completely insane.  They launch equipment in the air and just mob each other. After 1,000,000,000 man hugs, the grab the Cup and run around showing it off for everyone to see.  Every single guy, all the coaches, all of the management get a chance to grab that silver trophy, kiss it, and hold it high in the air. And after 20, 30, 40+ people, it doesn’t get old.  Every single person in line can’t wait to get their turn to touch it.

Look at the pure emotion of the winning teams when they crowd around for the official picture. I’m not saying Dallas wasn’t happy.  But to call their celebration something special because their best player ran away to cry in private is bullshit. It’s the media catering to a star player and tooting his horn just because. Open your eyes, tune into a real championship game tonight between Boston and Vancouver, and enjoy the festivities.

One final note. If an NHL team wins on the road, the opposing fans stay and watch and cheer.  Partially it’s to show their squad some appreciation, partially to congratulate the winners, and partially because they want to see the Stanley Cup.  The Miami Heat fans flooded the exits once the result became obvious.  It just goes to show how much more it really means in hockey.

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