Report: Jagr Will Say "No" To KHL And Will Be Back In The NHL

This report came out a few days ago, i was  not going to mention it because i thought he would have signed by this morning. reports that its likely former NHL Star Jaromir Jagr will say “no” to the KHL and sign with an NHL team. The report also indicates,  Jagr would make about $2.5 million a year  in the NHL.

The most logical choice in the NHL would be the Montreal Canadiens, although the New York Rangers have a slight chance.

From the translating recent articles, it seems that Jagr’s agent for Europe is not liked by the KHL. The agent is not answering calls from KHL teams and is not returning some phone calls. Also, some believe that Jagr should get a new agent for the KHL.

Jagr, 39, had great chemistry with Habs forward Tomas Plekanec in the world championships, so i could see him signing in Montreal.

This could also be mind games by Jagr and his agents. I mean the more he talks about the NHL, the more his value could rise in the KHL.

So in the end, your guess is as good as mine…

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