Media Puck-Up's: Tim Thomas Hit

Watch that replay a few times. What do you see? A nice hit, sure. A smart play by Tim Thomas, probably. What I see is a diaper load of injustice.

Yes, I see the comedy in it.  Most people think the Sedin’s are soft, and seeing one get dropped by a goalie is funny. Really funny. But is it fair that a goalie is allowed to deck a player? What happens if the tables are turned? Imagine Timmy reaching in the air for the puck and all of a sudden getting clocked by a skater. After the ensuing brawl, the first penalty to be handed out will be for goalie interference. And yet nobody is pointing this out.

Thomas gets lauded for his heads up play.  After the game he said something along the lines of seeing that situation in practice, and that if we he allows the shooter to settle the puck that it will probably end up in the back of the net. So he had a split second to react and defend his cage. How brilliant of him! And once again, the NHL moves along merrily without having the logic of its rules questioned. Why is it that the person wearing the most padding, the most protection, is allowed to throw hits, but cannot be touched?

We need a rule change ASAP. If they can dish it, they should take it. I understand that often times they are more prone that the other players, so there has to be a limit on the contact.  So why not open it up to letting players hit goalies when goalies stick handle the puck. When the goalie is trying to make a save, then nobody should be able to hit them. But once they’re on their feet and making a play, then it should be open season. If old man Thomas is allowed to rock somebody’s world, then it’s only fair if somebody is allowed to get him back later.

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