Report: Thrashers Announcement Coming Tuesday reports, A formal announcement will likely be made on Tuesday that the Atlanta Thrashers are moving to Winnipeg.

We all have heard these reports often, so take it as you want. However, this seems like a solid report.

Also TSN’s Scott MacArthur announced via Twitter ” #Thrashers-to-#Winnipeg could be announced tomorrow. Spoke to someone on weekend who expects it. Should be done this week, regardless. #NHL”

So as you can see, we have multiple reports of the same news. I am sure we all knew this was just a matter of time.

Update: TSN’s Bob McKenzie announces via Twitter “WPG lawyers signed off on their end. ATL lawyers doing their due diligence now. Soon as they sign off, deal is done, pending board approval.”

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  • Your BALD Headed GRanny

    Winnipeg keeps believing it will happen if they repeat it is going to happen enough times. This is about the sixth or seventh date that has been predicted that it will be announced. These reports are just wishful thinking that have no basis in reality, but in fantasy.