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Stop Shaving. Start Growing. It's Playoff Time.


Throw down your razors.  Don’t replenish your shaving cream.  Put the trimmers and clippers away.  It’s playoff time….the time to grow some hair.  On your face that is.

The tradition of playoff facial hair has been one of the more popular and creative superstitions in recent years.  Players on all playoff teams set the standard awhile ago by not shaving for as long as they were in the hunt for Lord Stanley’s Cup.  Taken to the extreme not only by not shaving, but also, not trimming, and becoming ZZ Top Like!


I realize that some of you may not be able to grow any facial hair for various reasons.  Work, school, wedding, etc.  We have a solution for you too, since I myself sort of fall into that category.  The site of razor stubble and the initial days of facial hair in my line of work unfortunately cause a bit of a stir.  I do however sport a goatee, very clean as well as closely trimmed.  I might decide to start clean shaven by shaving tonight, or by giving myself a very close trim.

Some rules though for those of you who want to start out fresh and go all the way till your team is eliminated:

1) Shave completely to give yourself a clean start before the first game begins.  Also, this may spiritually take away any demons that your team may have been suffering from towards the end of their season.  For as long as your team remains in the playoffs this should be the last time you use your tools.

2) Leave it alone for the duration.  No trimming, no clipping, no  nothing.  Keep the food out of though, as cleaning is certainly allowed.  Again, I can only partially abide to this rule, as an umkempt look for me is really not a good thing.  I certainly can follow these rules on the weekend however.

3) I understand that for many of you it’s impossible to “let it grow”, or even start to grow, so you have the following option.  The NHL Promotion “Beard A Thon”-Grow One For The Team, may be just the thing for you.  Go to the Beard A Thon link and either support a team, player or friend.  You can even build a beard for charity.  This is really a great cause as all donations go to various charitable organizations.  Actually everyone can partake in this.

All donations to Beard -A-Thon are tax-deductible.

For those that would like to post a before and after look, you can email me at [email protected]  Once your team has been eliminated send me your photos and I will post your before and after picture!

Thanks for reading.

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