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You win the scoring race, you get the Maurice Rocket Richard Trophy. And soon to follow, comes the Hart Trophy, usually. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it does not.Check out the Trophy Tracker on ESPN, and who do we have? The top candidate is also the league leading scorer, followed by the top goal scorer, then an extremely dominant goalie, then the second leading scorer, and finally the second best goalie. On one hand, it makes sense that a guy who provides a ton of offense is the best player. But that’s not the definition of the award. The MVP goes to the player that was most valuable to his team during the regular season. To me, that means a guy, who without him, the team would just fall apart.

Until getting hurt, Crosby was running away with the scoring title, and presumably the MVP. Then, not only was he hurt, so was Malkin. Surely the Penguins would fall apart, right? As of right now, they have two games left, and are 1 point out of 2nd place in the East.  Doesn’t seem to me they need Sid’s offense as much as we all think. I’m not saying he’s useless, he obviously helps. But the team has thrived without him.

The two goalies up for consideration make a lot of sense to me.  And even though Tim Thomas is putting up sick numbers, I’d pick Pekka Rinne over him. The reason being that Boston scores a lot, and if they gave up a few more goals, they’d still be a good team.  Nashville does not score, and they rely heavily on Rinne.  Without him, they’d fall apart. Vancouver is stacked, and they’d still be one of the best teams if either Sedin twin went down.

Sometimes, when a player has a historical season offensively, I agree that they deserve it. But it shouldn’t always be about the top scorer, which is how it will be anyway. And since the voters are sportswriters, they’re always going to pick based on numbers. Maybe it should be pro scouts that do the voting.  Or assistant coaches. The current method is flawed, and I’d like to see it fixed somehow.

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