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Media Puck-Up's: Winning Streaks


How good does it feel when your team wins a few games in a row? What about when they destroy a big rival in a season series? It’s fun when your boys play well, and string together some victories.  It gives you some hope that this kind of success can turn into a long playoff run. But what about win streaks that span decades? It’s one of the dumbest stats that commentators feed us.Earlier this year, the Flyers won in Detroit for the first time since 1988. That’s 23 years without a win in the Motor City for the Orange and Black. However, in that time span, they’ve only played in Detroit 16 times. What about when teams meet in the playoffs for the first time in maybe 2 decades, and we see replays of what happened the list time they met. Pittsburgh was knocked out by Montreal in the second round.  This was the second time that these teams had met, and had the same result. The only thing is that the last time they met was in 1998.

My point should be pretty obvious: the players are completely different. This is a nice stat to feed people, but it’s meaningless. How is Cammalleri and Halak upsetting Crosby and Malkin in any way, shape or form related to Jagr and Francis getting upset by Mark Recchi and Vincent Damphousse? Aside from similar jerseys, it’s completely unrelated. So if they meet again in the playoffs, is one of the storylines going to be how Montreal dominates Pittsburgh in the playoffs every time they meet? That’s just unfair.

Winning streaks between division or even conference rivals that span3-4 seasons make perfect sense to me. Star players stay, role players come and go, but it’s generally the same bunch from year to year. Then you can say one team has ruled another for a period of time.  But when it comes to teams that barely every meet, then it’s just ridiculous. I know these talking heads have to fill the air with something other than dead space. I just wish they could give more meaningful insight.

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