NHL: Have You Seen Enough Of Matt Cooke's Antics Now?

Sunday afternoon’s contest on NBC featured the Pittsburgh Penguins hosting the New York Rangers in an Eastern Conference battle that had some important points on the line.  I’m sure that when this game was on the schedule, the talk was about Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin competing against Marion Gaborik and Henrik Lundqvist.

Surprise!  The big treat that everyone got was a Matt Cooke elbow to the head of Ranger forward Ryan McDonagh.  The game was tied at one in the third when Cooke, who should play in a straight jacket from now on, threw his elbow.  Even though the Penguins scored shortly after to take the lead, the momentum of the hit changed the complexion of the game the rest of the way.  In the event you missed the hit, here it is:

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As the NHL offices spin their wheel of justice tomorrow, I have to ask, how many games does this goon get?  Yes, Goon!  He’s a repeat offender, he’s not respected, he doesn’t respect anyone else, let alone the game itself.  And nice try by HBO to give us the impression that he’s a decent person off the ice.  Who give’s a rats arse!  This guy needs at least a 1o game suspension for this latest idiotic move.

Enough is enough, and I challenge anyone to argue this.  He is out to deliberatly hurt someone, and has in the past.  Players like this give the game of hockey a bad name.  His goonery, and his lack of learning that this type of play is going to get him a severe ass kicking one day is something that the sport doesn’t need.

NHL, Colin Campbell, Mike Murphy, and Gary Bettman….here is your chance to send a message and make an example out of someone.  And Mario Lemieux while we’re at it, add to whatever suspension is handed down, and suspend him yourself for the balance of the season, including the playoffs.

That would be the right thing to do.

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