Top Reasons to Watch All-Star Weekend

Frank the Tank and Timm-ay did a mock draft in preparations for tonight’s actual all star draft. Personally, it looks like Tim’s version of Team Lidstrom has some more offensive firepower. Anyway, that’s just one of the things that makes this weekend fun and different. Here’s my list of what else to watch for:

  • He who is picked last: Will it ruin somebody’s ego?
  • Unusual match-ups: Brother vs brother (Sedin’s, Staal’s), teammates vs teammates
  • Skills competition: Some events we’re a little used to. The relay event is new, and by the looks of demo’s posted on looks pretty creative and fun.
  • No defense: I know, the ASG isn’t really a good showcase for hockey. But with more room, guys like Giroux can show off their 1-on-1 skills.
  • Mic’d up players: Hockey players are cool. Professional hockey players are cooler. Now you get to hear them goofing around during a fun event. Good times!
  • Rookies: There’s not many rookies that take the league by storm, so for a young player to get their name out takes a few years.  They’ll get their chance during the skills competition, since there’s no more YoungStars Game.
  • The Guardian Project: I, like many, think this is stupid. Finally, Stan Lee gets his chance to prove us all wrong.
  • Tim Thomas: He’s back to the form after a bad year last year. Let’s see how he holds up w/ zero defensive help. I think he puts on a left-handed larceny clinic.
  • Body checks: I hope there’s on person (Ovi) that decides that the game needs a little bit of rough stuff.
  • Surprises: We know it’s not a real hockey game. So you’re not tuning in for that. You’re tuning in because you’re proud somebody from your team made it, and to maybe see something cool happen. Remember Owen Noaln calling his shot, or Ray Bourque with a late game winner in front of his home crowd.

Tune in, enjoy!

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