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The Puck Whisperer. HHOF Blows It!

I’m going to keep this short and to the point.

Tonight is going to be a banner evening for some very well qualified individuals that will be voted into the Hockey Hall Of Fame. This year’s inductees include Dino Ciccarelli and female players Cammi Granato and Angela James. The inductees also include builders Jimmy Devellano and the late Doc Seamen.  All individuals who deserve the honor.

However, there is one person who’s induction should be so simple and so obvious that I can’t believe it hasn’t hit the committee squarely in the face.  That person is former head coach Pat Burns.

Do these stats look Hall of Fame worthy?

One Stanley Cup Championship in 2003 with the New Jersey Devils.

Three Jack Adams Awards for Coach Of the Year.  With three different teams (Toronto, Montreal and Boston).

Coached over 1,000 games with 501 victories putting him one win behind Glen Sather for 10th all time.

The only reason that Burns stopped coaching in 2004 was due to his battle with cancer.  That he’s actually beaten twice.  If not for the stupid disease coming to him and infecting his lungs, he potentially may not be around to see it and appreciate it when he does get voted in.  And that’s the travesty.

I’m not saying that the voting committee should put him in because he has cancer for a third time, and is fighting it with everything that he has. I am saying that the committee should have made an exception and should have done the right thing, and put Pat Burns into the Hall of Fame tonight because he deserves it! Also, while he’s still here on this good earth to see it.  And so that his family can share it with him, as well as those who either played with or coached with him.

Taking nothing away at all from the other inductees this evening, which includes the two women for the first time, this will be as always, a joyous night.

But I get the feeling, and I know many of you will too, that something will be missing.  And that is Pat Burns.  A man that’s deserving of the honor and deserving of the chance to see it come to fruition.

It would’ve been the only right thing to do.

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