The Capitals on Twitter

There are many professional athletes on Twitter, but too many are narcissistic, too many are dumb, too many are too careful about what they say (as if they were speaking at a press conference), and too many just aren’t interesting.

Let me introduce you to a few members of the Washington Capitals. No, I’m not talking about, Alex Ovechkin (@ovi8), who hasn’t tweeted since Jan. 2009. Nor am I talking about Mike Green (@greenlife52), who rarely says anything interesting.

I’m speaking of youngsters Karl Alzner (@karlalzner), John Carlson (@JohnCarlson74), and Andrew Gordon (@AndrewGordon10). These aren’t well known players and few outside of Washington have heard of them.

On Twitter, what you’ll get from these guys are a bit more typical of what you’d see from just about anyone in their early 20s, without the overkill. They’ll do things like profess their love for A-1 steak sauce, try to find a mover for their apartment, ask where they can buy some good furniture, dish out one liners about where they’re traveling for the first time, and admit their facial hair is too thin to grow a mustache for charity (Movember).

Gordon is perhaps the most fun of this bunch as he’s playing for the Caps’ minor league affiliate, the Hershey Bears. He sometimes has humorous public Twitter chats with some of the Caps. Most recently he’s outed Eric Fehr, @EricFehr16, as having one of the best tie collections in the NHL. And he’s taken it one step further by blogging with a Capitals fan site, Russian Machine Never Breaks, while winning the Calder Cup.

There’s nothing important about these tweets, and they’re likely not entertaining to just anyone, but for die hard Capitals fans, it gives them a peek into the lives of these rookies who haven’t been hit with the fame ego. These are the interesting people in the NHL, not the superstars who tweet nothing more than ‘Thanks fans for coming out!’ or ‘WOW THE LIONS WON A GAME.’

Check out this Twitter account to see NHL players who tweet.

Ben Sumner writes for Capitals Outsider and Follow him on Twitter @benjaminsumner.

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