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In another new addition here at Too Many Men On The Site we bring you links to the world of the NHL.  What’s happening, and what you as the die hard hockey fan that you are, should have read or seen.  But maybe because you were doing twelve ounce curls during the week after work, you just never got to some of this.  So while you try to overcome last night’s gallivanting around town at all your favourite watering holes, we bring you “At The Links”, cause I know you’re not at the golf course right?

In Florida the Panthers are paying tribute to Bill Torrey as he’ll be the first and potentially only individual to ever have a banner hanging from the rafters of the Bank Atlantic Center.  It’s Bill Torrey Tribute Night as the Kitty Cats take on the New York Islanders.

Jeremy Roenick one of the best U.S. born players ever to play the game, and my personal favourite was inducted into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame this week.  Congrats J.R.  You deserve it.

Rick Rypien and his antics were the talk of the NHL world the past few days.  Since I just mentioned JR in the above link, I thought what the heck, let’s give his sparring partner Mike Milbury some time.

Cheerleaders?  In the NHL?  In Canada? Edmonton is going to be the first Canadien team to sport them.  Wow!

Random thoughts from Justin Bourne. Ex-player, now turned quite the hockey writer.  Yea, he’s Bob Bourne’s son as well, so that makes him even better eh!

Daniel Alfredsson hits 1,000 career points last night via the Hat Trick.  Classy guy, well deserved.  Amazing he scored many of those points while playing for the stifling Jacques Martin.

Scores from Friday Night.  TSN.

In non hockey news, the Texas Rangers advance to the World Series for the first time ever by beating the New York Yankees, a team that I despise just as much as I despise the Pittsburgh Penguins. To top it all off Alex Rodriguez strikes out looking on a nifty slider.  Is A-Rod the Roberto Luongo of Baseball?

Enjoy your weekend.  Should be a fun night of games.

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