HNIC Video Replay From Saturday October 16th

The opening montage from Hockey Night In Canada last night was, well, different.  The Montreal Canadiens took on the Ottawa Sentators as the evening’s main event.  Here’s the opening as only CBC can do.

Former Ottawa Senator and now former New York Ranger defenceman Wade Redden was featured in the weekly segment called “Inside Hockey”.  CBC’s Elliotte Friedman does a story about someone or something that’s relevant to the featured game and this week he did story on the ex- defenceman.
The Rangers placed Redden on waivers and after he cleared sent him to their minor league affiliate the Hartford Wolfpack, where he will continue to make 6 million dollars per year.  Redden who enjoyed much of his success in Ottawa when he was paired with defensive partner Zdeno Chara saw his play drastically slip after the two were separated.  As it happens in life, it also happens in sport.  Partners are split up and one of them seems to suffer.  Here’s the video:

And of course here’s Coaches Corner with Don Cherry:

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