Five Reasons Why John Panarese Loves Hockey

You’re probably asking who’s John Panarese and why do we care about his five reasons for loving the game of hockey.  Well I’m about to tell you and then you can read his reasons for yourself.

John is one of the contributing writers for FanSided’s Eye On Isles,  a site obviously about the New York Islanders. He is a huge sports fan and loves the game of hockey.  Ok so you’re thinking so what right?  Well, John gives his perspective of the game in a way that most of us can’t.  He gives it in a way that most of us never could, and I firmly can’t imagine what it’s like for him.  But when you read what he says, you’d never know that John is blind.

That’s right. Blind.  Since birth.  Amazing isn’t it that someone who isn’t able to see what we see, but can have a perspective of the fastest game we know, in a way none of us can match.  I have no idea how he does it.

He published a post the other day about his love of the game of hockey as he sees it.  Do yourself a favor and read it.  It’s a pretty remarkable description for the game by someone who’s at a distinct disadvantage.  Or is he?

You’d never know it.

Here’s the link.

Thank you John for sharing your perception of the game.  I think it can help all of us see it in a different way.

Thanks for reading.

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