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NHL 11 Cover. Source: EA Sports.

On top of watching real life hockey, I can’t but help get sucked into the electronic world and let my thumbs do some serious talking when it comes to hockey.

I recently ventured into the modern world when it came to gaming, trading in my aging PlayStation 2 for an Xbox 360.  As much as I am a fanatic about hockey, I can deal with a game thats a few years old.  I love to game, but I am not that much an addict.  So when my wife’s jaw dropped at what I paid for the 360 – I saved face a little bit by buying NHL 09.  Frustration soon set in.  I had to return the game three times because of scratches on the used discs.  (only after i bought did I find out the Xbox was notorious for scratching discs – not so on the PS3, oh well).  So I finally caved and bought NHL 10 – without the intention of buying a new hockey game until at least the 21012 model.

If you haven’t followed the story line up until now, the next statement won’t surprise you.  Three for Three on wrong answers.  I will be buying NHL 11 – and sooner rather than later.  What’s got me so intriqued?

1.  Deeper Be A Pro Mode.  In the ’10 version, you got to play in a single prospects game before getting drafted number one over all.  You don’t make it to the standards in the bigs, its right to the AHL.  Now we all know in real life not everyone drafted gets locked right in with the big club or the top farm team.  NHL 11 takes care of that by introducing CHL level play – completely licensed.  I am all for expanding the depth of a game that covers a game with so much depth.

2.  Broken Sticks.  It doesn’t happen all that often in real life, but when it does, it adds an interesting level of play to the ice.  Seeing how they are able to develop this would be awesome.

Source: EA Sports

If NHL 10 blew 09 out of the water – from the sounds of it, NHL 11 is an atomic bomb on 10.

NHL 11 is scheduled to release to us fanatics on September 7th, 2010, with an estimated MSRP of $59.99 – a fair assumption as that is the typical cost of a new game.  I probably won’t be there on the 7th, but you can bet by the start of the season I will have it in my hot little hands.

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