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With Ilya Kovalchuck being the biggest news on the hockey circuit right now – so I figured taking a beautiful Sunday afternoon and talking about the New Jersey Devils and Kovie-gate would just ruin the day.

So, in light of that, I found a great video on Youtube that shows a little bit of the lighter side of the NHL.

10. Scotty Upshall – Nashville Predators.  Not sure how funny this one actually is, because well, it actually looks kind of painful.  Probably not what Scotty had in mind when he realized he scored.  Realizing he was alright, ok….now we can laugh.

9. Mike Foligno – Buffalo Sabres and Toronto Maple Leafs.  Every time this guy scored he jumped.  Every time.  In Buffalo he was known as “Jumping Mike”.  His son tried it in his first NHL game and even said he didn’t know how his dad did it every time, because it took a lot of energy to do.  And it’s not like he only scored once or twice a year, this was a normal occurance (at least in Buffalo) anywhere from 15 to 40 times.

8.  Claude Lemiux  – Montreal Canadiens.  Is there anything better than player sliding after scoring a goal and then being dogpiled?

7.  Mike Bossy – New York Islanders.  How would you react when you hit 50 goals?  Or how about 50 in 50?  I think my celebration would be a lot wilder than this one.

6. Theo Fluery – Calgary Flames.  Most game winning goal celebrations in the playoffs are snuffed early by the team mobbing the goal scorer.  Not in Fleury’s case.  He skated right through his teammates and went pretty much end to end after scoring his first of the series.

5.  Alexei Kovalev – Pittsburgh Penguins.  Ok, now were getting original here, how about a little moon walk action after a goal?  With the flashing red lights it should be more Billy Jean than the moon walk, but hey, you can’t blame a guy for trying.

4.  Travis Green and Zigmund Palffy.  New York Islanders.  Did we just see a kiss?  Really, did that just happen?  I know there are problems on the Island when it comes to hockey, but should goal celebrations need to be censored?  How do you say “Get your tongue out of my mouth is Slovak?

3.  Teemu Selanne – Winnipeg Jets.  He was either a really bad shot, or he needed to fire that many shots at his glove to kill it.  Would have been better if his team mate caught the glove.  This one brings  a tear to your eyes because its the Winnipeg Jets vs. The Quebec Nordiques.  Sniffle.  We shall never get to see hockey like this again.

2. Milan Hejduk – Colorado Avalanche.  Ok, so I get the fact that it gets cold in the Winter in Denver, but could someone please tell Milan that swimming in non-frozen water is much more refreshing – not to mention easier.

1.  Dig deep into the memory banks for this one.  Dave “Tiger” Williams – Vancouver Canucks.  Not sure which is funnier, the Canucks “V” jersey abominations or the goal celebration.  Did he just really ride the pony after scoring?  OH yeah, he did.  And to make it better, it was in front of a home Leafs crowd.  Nothing like rubbing in years of losing.

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