Wanna Be Heard?

FanSided Sports has openings for Lead Writer’s and Contributing Writer’s at many of our sites.  If you are a passionate fan and have something that you want to say, this can be the place to have your voice heard.  Or at least read.

 This is a tremendous opportunity to show your passion for your favorite team, and spread your knowledge of the game.

The support and teamwork that this network shares is second to none. 
If you have any desire to speak your mind, this is the network to be with.  We have almost completed filling all of our 30 NHL teams, but have a few to go as far as Lead Writers are concerned.
Currently we have Lead Writer Positions for the following teams:
Columbus Blue Jackets
Minnesota Wild

We also have Co-Lead Writer or Contributing Writer positions available on all of our sites.  If you have any interest at all in this fantastic opportunity, please contact me at [email protected]

I will personally get back to everyone that responds.  We are extremely interested in growing our network, and if you think this is something that you’re interested in you need to contact me.


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