Kovalchuk Signs with the Devils

So for those who have not yet heard, Ilya Kovalchuk appears to have signed with the New Jersey Devils. Early reports have the contract at 17 years and $100 million. It’s a big contract, and a long one at that. How will it turn out for the Devils? I’ve got some opinions on the impact on the bridesmaid (but never the bride) Los Angeles Kings here. And no doubt people will be raging with their opinions in the weeks to come, but for now. What do you think?

There are five people who you could argue won this “saga” and here they are in brief. Feel free to weigh in with comments below:

  1. Ilya Kovalchuk – The kid got $100 million. That’s not too shabby. He does have to play in New Jersey (bummer) but a little protection money will go a long way for him. Plus I hear the Jersey Shore is all the rage right about now…
  2. New Jersey Devils – They’ve locked up one of the most electric players in the game for the duration of his career (and several years beyond that). He’s marketable, skilled and seemingly at least relatively personable.
  3. Los Angeles Kings – They dodged a bullet here. An offensive only player that might have cost them resigning one of their numerous young stars in Doughty, Simmonds, Johnson or others?
  4. NHL – They got more attention with this drama than they’ve had in years. Hell there was probably more attention paid on this issue during the mainstream media than there was during the Cup Finals. OK that’s maybe a slight exaggeration, but no question this is the most attention paid to the NHL in July in decades.
  5. Nobody won. This was a drawn-out, dramatic, hellish negotiations process and we all lose. Screw them all I never want to have a FA season like this one…

So what do you think? Who won this deal?


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