Too Many Men's Exclusive Interview with Taylor Hall

Now, where's my agent?

June 25th’s NHL Entry Draft saw many surprises, ups and downs, those who rose and those who fell. The only thing guaranteed was the fact that the Edmonton Oilers would pick either Taylor Hall, standout from the Windsor Spitfires, or Tyler Seguin, star from the Plymouth Whalers. They took Hall, and after an agreement with Easton Hockey, I got to interview the 1st overall pick himself backstage. Thanks to Taylor for being so co-operative with me during the interview. Hope you enjoy it!

TMM: Thank you Taylor for agreeing to an interview tonight, and congratulations of being picked by the Edmonton Oilers 1st overall.

Hall: Glad to be here, and thanks. It’s been a dream of mine since I was six.

TMM: What went through your head when Steve Tambellini announced your name 1st in the Draft?

Hall: Everything you can think of! I was nervous before the event, I didn’t know what to expect. Me and Tyler [Seguin] were just hanging around, until the last few minutes. It was a pretty good feeling.

TMM: Who got you here, all this way to being picked by Edmonton?

Hall: Of course my parents, always supportive of my dreams and my minor-league coaches, who don’t always get the respect they deserve.

TMM: Well said. How does it feel to be joining a storied organization like the Oilers, who are starting from scratch?

Hall: It’s great to be going to Edmonton, especially since I was born in Alberta. I can’t wait for training camp, and I want to do the best I can to make it on Day One. I feel that we can possibly make noise, even though it’s pretty early to say those things.

TMM: Who will you be looking up to in Edmonton?

Hall: Oh, without a doubt…[Ales] Hemsky. He’s been the face of that franchise for so many years, I hope I can duplicate that.

TMM: February 27th, if you and Tyler make your respective teams, you face each other. How will it be?

Hall: It should be fun. We’re great friends, and I hope we can continue that off the ice. ‘Cause on the ice, watch out Tyler! [laughs]

TMM: Just to end this off, some quick questions. First, favourite food?

Hall: Spaghetti and meatballs

TMM: Favourite music?

Hall: Really, anything that’s on the radio.

TMM: Something you dislike?

Hall: Rats, spiders, mosquitoes, those things…

TMM: And finally, which player in today’s NHL would you compare yourself to?

Hall: That’s a hard one. Personally, I would say [Evgeni] Malkin. I can play the wing or centre, score in bunches, and try to make my team-mates better.

Once again, I must thank Taylor Hall for his time, and hope him and the Edmonton Oilers the best on future endeavours!

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