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Given the fact that we are not going to see hockey again for a few months – we are going to keep the action packed video rolling here on the Sunday edition of From the War Room.

Last week we took a look at some fantastic goals.  This week, its Fight Club: NHL Style.

Of course, the first rule of fight club has to be ignored here – we want to talk about this fight club.

Thanks to Brandon Centrulla of on this compilation.  Not only did he capture some great fights, but added a nice soundtrack to it as well.  He set these ten fights to Can’t Be Touched by Roy Jones Jr.

Were looking at ten fights this video, and remember, there is a lot of video on the internet, so if your favorite clip hasn’t been played yet – it probably will be, have some patience.

Round One of our first edition of Fight Club is between Jerome Iginla and Sheldon Souray in a heavy weight bout for the pride of Alberta.  Hockey fights take a hell of a lot out of a player, and I have to give these guys credit, not only did they hit the ice twice, but they threw quite a few heavy punches each.

Round Two pits Detroits Justin Abdelkader with the ‘Yotes Derek Morris.  If fights could be included in how you win Stanley Cup playoff games, we might not have seen Detroit out of the first round this year.

Round Three is the first appearance of Colton Orr fighting Jody Shelley of the San Jose Sharks.  Always a spirited contest when Colton Orr is in a fighting mood.

Didn’t we see enough of Philly vs Boston this year?  Winter Classic, history making playoff series – and this dance between Carcillo and Thorton.

Round five pits Zdeno Chara of the Boston Bruins against, well just about anyone on the ice at the time wearing Sabres blue and gold.  Not so much of a fight as a dog pile on Chara, which is always good times in my book.  Best part of this one is when Miller gives Satan a taste of his catching glove.  Classic.

Carcillo makes this list again this time against Gaborik of the Rangers.  Welcome to Broadway Marian.

Number seven on the list is an interesting one, in one corner you have Aaron Voros, and the in the other, Nick Tarnasky. I think this one started because Voros said something to Tarnasky about looking gay in baby blue.  I am not sure.

Number eight puts two tough guys together, with Colton Orr making his second appearance, and Lucic of the Bruins entering stage left after left after left.

The last two spots below to the Tampa Bay Lightning, and thats fitting given their place in the standing year after year.  Steve Downie is in on both of them, and I think he has something against the Bruins, because first he makes Satan look silly (again, always fun in my book) and then he goats Chara - a man twice his size.

Enjoy the excitement!

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