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Iced Up Youngsters

So, Too Many Men on the Site is a week old today! And this will be my first contribution. My name is Eugene Markman, and I’m the lead blogger for the Flyers blog, Broad Street Buzz. This segment will be dedicated to some of the younger stars across the league. I’ll try to focus mostly on guys 25 y/o and younger, that are making a name for themselves.

So this week, of course I had a dilemma. It’s the Finals, and both teams have their slew of big names guys that are still early in their careers. And both teams were lead here by their young captains: Mike Richards, age 25, and Jonathan Toews, age 22. So, do I go with my bias, and pick the Flyers captain. Or do I go with a guy whose probably a bit more popular right now and write about Toews. Since the ‘Hawks are the team most people are rooting for, and their within one game of the Stanley Cup, here’s the rundown on Toews.

Career Stats:

  • 2007-2008: 64 Game, 24 Goals, 30 Assists
  • 2008-2009: 82 Games, 34 Goals, 35 Assists
  • 2009-2010: 76 Games, 25 Goals, 43 Assists

Profile: . He was drafted in 2006, and linemate Patrick Kanewas drafted in 2007. Both began their rookie year in 2007, with Kane expected to be ‘the man’ for the Blackhawks.  However,  Toews has quickly established himself as the leader of his team. After being nominated for the Calder Trophy (rookie of the year), he was named Captain, becoming the third youngest person ever to take that role at age 20. And he has excelled both in personal production, as well as getting his team to a higher level. In his first season as captain, he led the ‘Hawks to the Western Conference Finals, where they lost in 5 games to the Detroit Red Wings. This season, he’s taken the team even further, with a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals. As of right now, they hold a 3-2 advantage in the series against the Philadelphia Flyers. He’s the leading playoff scorer, but did receive some criticism for being held to only 1 assist in the first 4 games. However, he seems to have woken up in Game 5. With Game 6 looming, and potentially a Game 7, he’ll have to be at his best for the Blackhawks to become champions. In addition to the ‘Hawks, he’s also represented Canada on a number of occasions. Most recently, he was part of the team that won Gold in the Vancouver Olympics. He lead the team in scoring, with 1 goal and 8 assists. His lone goal came in the gold medal game, and he received Best Forward and all-star team honors.

What makes him special: He’s an all around good player, with vision, good hands, and some nice speed. He’s responsible in his own end, and he can also contribute on the score sheet. As he’s entering the prime of his career, his offensive production has increased. He does all of the little things right as well. He’s clutch on faceoffs, and plays hard in the corners. He also might be the easiest interview in the NHL. Ask him a question, and he’ll expand on it for a few minutes pretty easily. He’s open, honest, and one hell of a role model. Check out some of his highlights here:

Jersey worthy?: Absolutely! He’s young, he’ll stay with the team for a long, long time, possibly his entire career. You’re not in danger of dropping a few hundred bucks only to see the jersey grow stale because of him leaving the team. If you’re thinking about a Toews jersey, buy with confidence.

Hate Factor: Very, very low. He’s a hard competitor with a good reputation. He doesn’t talk trash, doesn’t take cheap shots or throw dirty hits. Only reason you have to hate him now is if he’s team beats yours, other than that, you’re just reaching.

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